Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Time of Withouts...

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We continue to do what we can here, but it seems it is not enough. There are so many people without homes, without families, without jobs, without food. It seems to be a time of "withouts" to so many people. Those who have homes are scared to stay in them, so everyone is sleeping outside. Many are asking for tents because they are tying bed sheets together for their homes. But in the mist of all the confusion there is a native people here who are living as if nothing has happened. As if it is another day. I continue to try to use my mind to understand this and there are no words that come. But I know that in the mist of all this I see the hand of my God working in a mighty way which I have never witnessed before. It is awesome how the world has responded to the need here and how so many relationships are being built for the Kingdom of God.

We went to Gonaives on Tuesday to see if there was any way we could help there in hospitals or other ways. Things seemed to be normal there, so we visited our friends and made provision for the continuation of the feeding center and we returned back to PAP on Wednesday. It has been great working with the staff at Sherrie's, Brian and Ken Smith from Omaha rapid Response, and other teams. Johnny Aldrige has been loving on so many babies. It has been great to have him and Ronnie walking with me during this time. While we were in Gonaives, we had the opportunity to have a fellowship meal with the Pakistani UN. During that Time one of the Muslims asked me how it is I could leave the comforts of home to serve people in a place like this. What an opportunity it was for me to share about the power of my God who has called me here.

Johnny with baby

We have been trying to receive food through different organizations, but it has been difficult. We have purchased rice and beans. Much has been distributed and there is still more to distribute. Thanks for those of you who have given that we are able to help buy food here for the people living in these tents. We are trying to reach the ones in smaller tent communities where the larger organizations are not helping. We have not had any problems thus far with people fighting for food. It is great to be able to give to the friends which we already have a relationship with.

Packing Food for Distribution

Food Received for Sherrie's community from Operation Blessing
Unloading Food

We went to Leogane on Thursday morning and Jacmel on Thursday evening. There are so many houses destroyed. Please continue to pray for these. On the way to Jacmel. the road had been blocked by earth, rocks and boulders falling off the mountain. They are working on clearing the road.
Road to Leogane

Road to Jacmel

It was great to see Sherrie return to her work here. What a blessing and a testimony of God's goodness which she has. Please pray for provision for her as she seeks God's will. She is working on building the fence and needs to get a roof on her building.The team from Omaha Rapid Response arrived and are out in the field now. Some are at Sherrie's helping her and others are in the tent communities helping with the medical needs. Please pray for those who are here to help out. What an opportunity there is to show God's awesome love in the mist of this.
Medical Clinic in Tent Area
Mary is still in Georgia. Please pray with us about her time of return. We would like to thank all of you who have been supporting us through this. May God bless you as you serve Him by serving others. The need in Gonaives is great but during this time the need is great here also. Please prayerfully consider helping Sherrie or Dorthy with their needs during this time. You can give to CLF and designate to them if God would have you to. We love each of you and continue to covet your prayers for the people of Haiti.

With love in Christ
Emory and Mary
Prayer Request
Provision of food, shelter, comfort to these families.
Spiritual wisdom and insight for us and the teams who are working here.
Those who lost love ones but have never found them.

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