Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pray for those in Haiti


Just wanted to let each of you know that Mary and I covet your prayers for Haiti at this time. We are fine, but many of our friends were in harms way. I talked briefly with Merci Dieu this evening just before the phone lines were disconnected. It seemed from our brief conversation, that everything was ok on the ground in Gonaives.

Unfortunately many of our friends are in PAP, and we have not been able to contact them. Please be in prayer for Sherrie and the school/ orphanage, Dorothy and her orphanage, Dottie, Pastor Leny, We also believe Pastor Genada and his family was in PAP when the earthquake happened. We did get word after initial quake that Dorothy and Natosha were taking Pachino to the hospital and are reported to be ok.

Haiti needs our prayers tonight tomorrow and the coming weeks. Please join us as we pray for those in Haiti.

With love in Christ
Emory and Mary

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