Monday, January 25, 2010

From Port-au-Prince

We arrived late in the afternoon on Sunday after a long 5 hour bus ride from Santo Dimingo. Brian and His dad Ken from Omaha Rapid Response met us at the border and brought us into PAP. We met Kathy and the others from Waynesville at the airport where they were Receiving supplies. The airfield is full of supplies with so many planes coming in with supplies and people from all over the world. After that we traveled to Smith's house where we Joined others sleeping in tents in the front yard.
On Sunday we began visiting many of our friends in PAP to see what their needs were and to pray with them. Our good friend Pastor Marcelin lost his 26 year old son during the earthquake. He was a student at the college.
As we walked through the familiar streets and alley ways, it was devastated with rubble everywhere and people continuing to stand in unbelief. Many have lost their families. As we walked, people would tell us how many people died in each house that had fallen. Everywhere there was a vacant lot, or soccer field people would make tents out of bedsheets and the lot would be filled with them for people to stay in. They are constantly telling us they are hungry and don't have anything. Please continue to pray for these families.
We visited City Solei with Pastor Rameau. There were also many houses down there, but not as much because most of the houses there were made of tin. Please pray for the people in city Solei.

The providence guest house is on the ground. The Walls guest house where Mary and I and the team from Va. stayed on the night of January 1st is mostly on the ground. The CMBH guest house is still standing, but I don't know the condition.

There is a lot of food coming in at the airport, but you have to have connections to get it. Kathy and her team have been doing a great job building relationships there, but we need to get food which is not available to be purchased on the streets. Beans are not available on the street for purchase, so Brian had to buy them in the DR. Pray that we get the food we need to distribute whether by being available on the streets to purchase or in the airport. We met with many local Pastors yesterday and today we will be packaging some Rice and beans with oil and let the Pastors help us distribute them. Please pray for for this process.

With love in Christ
Emory and Mary
Prayer Request
That we walk in the spirit of God in all we do and people will be drawn by the spirit of God living within us.
That supplies will be released to us through organizations or on the street where we can have access or buy.
For those who have lost homes.
For those who have lost family.
For those who are hungry.

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