Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gathering at Marketplace...Plans to Return to Haiti


Mary and I continue to pray for the Haitian people and time for returning is very near. I will be leaving on Saturday (God willing) and Mary will remain here for a little while. It has been a short visit therefore, there are many of our friends here which we have not seen. Kathy and Beaver has graciously offered the maketplace to us on Thursday evening while the restaurant is closed for business, as a time when some of you could drop in and visit with us. So we plan to be there from 3pm to 8pm on Thursday night and would love to see you as we have some refreshments together.

In addition to this we are continuing to bring awareness to the great need and give people opportunities to respond to the need. I have shared with you before about Johnny Aldridge's vision to have an auction for the people of Haiti. Many of you do not have money to give, but you do have things in your garage or attic that you no longer need. He is accepting jewelry, furniture, guns, houses, land, etc. These things can be turned into food, clothing, and medical help for the people of Haiti. So if you have the opportunity to come and see us on Thursday, it would be an opportunity for those of you living in Wayne, Brantley, Glynn, Camden and Ware counties to bring some of these things with you. For those farther away, please contact Johnny for mailing or pick-up if it is possible. Johnny will be bringing a truck to receive these items. Once he has collected enough items for this, he will schedule a date for the auction. Please pray and ask God how you can help those in need during this time. There is also some flyers attached about the auction. May God bless you as you give.

I have shared with many of you while we were home, the plight of those in Gonaives and even though it is a bad situation, it is now worse in PAP. Therefore when I return, I will be working with Brian Smith with Omaha Rapid response setting up a camp at Pastor Leny's to provide a place for those who want to come serve in the medical field or in food distribution. The situation is getting very serious there and your prayers are needed very much during this time for the situation and for people to realize He has risen and Loves each one. We love you and appreciate you and what you are doing for the Kingdom of God as we co-labor together.

With love in Christ
Emory and Mary

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