Wednesday, January 20, 2010

December Update and a New Year

Sorry for the delay in posting this update. If you are here for an earthquake update please see post below. If you are here for information on the Auction please see link at the top of the page. This post was an update from the New Year and before the earthquake. ~~Lori
Though this year has had it's challenges, it has been an awesome year in Jubilee Blanc as we have seen The Body of Christ functioning in a way which changes lives for things eternal. Because of your faithfulness in prayers and support through the power of God, we have seen many people healed, many people who have come to Christ, and construction of temporary feeding center and classrooms. In September, the school was started with Kindergarten class. In November, we began the foundation of the permanent building for classrooms and medical clinic which allows several of the men and women to have jobs for the provision of their families. We have also hired a nurse who is monitoring the elderly with blood pressure issues and helping with the medical needs in Jubilee. We are praying for God's provision as this continues. It has truly been an awesome year as we have seen the hand of God in so many ways. As you reflect on what God has called you to do this past year, I pray it has been a year of following Christ for you and may God give you a new year of vision as you follow Him in all you think and do during the coming year.
On December 9th the team arrived from Omaha with Omaha rapid response and were very instrumental in helping us prepare our home for other teams who are coming. It was a blessing to those in Jubilee because of the long term relationships which are being built through their continued presence here. Kim Gould also returned during this time to help with medical needs and to test the blood of children and continue vitamin program. Thanks to those of You who are building Relationship into the Kingdom of God.

December the 19th-26th we were blessed with the presence of Joe and Tami Barber from Brunswick Ga. They are educators who spent their Christmas break bringing life and hope to some children who do not have much hope. They spent their time pouring God's love into the children in the school, the teachers, and many others in the community. They helped to encourage the parents about the importance of their children's education and the need for them to attend school. Their encouragement was well received by all. It was a blessing having Tami and Joe to give encouragement to all and to encourage us by helping out in many ways. Mary and Tami taught the children through games and puppets. It was a joyous time for all.

December the 26th through January the 2nd, Dina Slusher returned with a team from Roanoke Va. It was a blessing to have them. The team consisted of Pastors, nurses, construction workers, and those who loved children. The ministers encouraged pastors in Jubilee through the study of God's word. They also visited their homes and churches individually and prayed for them. The nurses were able to do a few clinics and serve many who dropped in for help. The construction team were able to build one house and put a roof on another for one of the widows there in Jubilee. There was much time for those who interacted and showed God's love toward the children. It was truly a relationship building week. Please continue to pray for those who are visiting and making a difference in the lives of God's people here.

We returned to South Ga on Saturday Jan 2nd to spend a little time with family and friends and have a rest to ourselves. On Saturday evening, it was good to see family and friends at the traditional family cane grinding and candy pulling. This week we will be meeting our children in the mountains of N.C. to spend some time with them. Please pray for us as we travel.

The feeding center is going well. Amos is now equipped to deliver the food each day. Marvin is staying with Merci Dieu while we are away where he will be close to school. Aron continues to do well and we are continuing to pray for someone to adopt him.

Thank you for co laboring with us!!

With love in Christ,

Emory and Mary
Prayer request
Provision of funds for construction
Continued provision for feeding program.
Those who are visiting
Children in School.
Those who need to know Christ

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