Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Week of Celebration!!

We had a team visit with us this week from Berry college in Georgia. It was good to have Kathy Brooks and two of her children here with the team. There was a wonderful time of sharing and helping people along the way. They were able to replace and repair the roofs of two homes which were destroyed by the flood. Other highlights were painting with Woobens, helping out with the English class and meeting with God on the mountain. Austin Betz from Chicago was also part of the team this week. He will be staying with us for the next three months and helping us. Praise the Lord for teams and those who want to help. Please continue to pray for those coming and pray that you may visit someday.
Kim Gould has submitted the results from screening the children's hemoglobin levels and some of the results are below. It is a very good picture of where the children are and where they need to be. Please continue to pray for the provision of these children. We would like to sometime in the future begin giving more than one meal to the children which are in the most need and increase the nutrition in the meals.

Total number of children screened 158
Percent of Hgb readings in normal range (13.5 to 16.5) 1.6%
Percent of Hgb readings between 12 and 13.5 3. 7%
Percent of Hgb readings between 8.1 and 11.9 74. 7% (est)
Percent of Hgb readings 8 and below 20%

Basically, less than 6% of the children screened in the normal range and 20% with levels lower than 8 are critically deficient.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

A decrease in hemoglobin production due to an insufficient supply of iron that results in ........ anemia.

Causes of iron depletion include:
* decreased dietary intake
* decreased iron absorption
* rapid growth (low birth weight infants and adolescents)blood loss

Impaired cognitive and motor development in infants and toddler
Positive correlation between cognitive and motor deficits and severity and duration of anemia
Impaired lymphocyte and neutrophil (white blood cells) function leading to increased risk of infection
Short term memory impairment and poor exercise performance in adolescents

Anemia readily corrected with iron replacement
Developmental delay may be long lasting or irreversible

We have begun constructing a security house on the property in Jubilee. Anytime you do any kind of work here, you need security or what you do can be destroyed. So this is needed prior to drilling the well. Praise the Lord for His provision of this through the Body of Christ. We are still working towards some organization feeding the children in the market area. Please continue to pray for wisdom and discernment in this.

Mary celebrated her birthday last Thursday, but she was in bed most of the day with an earache. She seems to be doing better now but still needs your prayers for her ears. Thank
you for your prayers for us while we have been sick. The Genada's moved in their new home on Monday and we gathered there on Wednesday night after church for a time of celebration. We sang and rejoiced together as we sang "To God be the glory. Thanks to you who have so freely given to their ministry and needs. The bakery should be complete and ready to make bread in about three weeks. Please keep the Genada"s in your prayers.

With love in Christ,
Emory and Mary

Prayer Request

* Market building, building up land, and well.
* Genada's ministries,
* Thank God for His continued provision for the children through the Body of Christ
* Continue to pray for English class.
* Please pray for Mary's inner ear infection.

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