Thursday, April 9, 2009

RaRa Celebrations

As RaRa gears up this week it is all about partying and dancing on the streets. Some nights we here the Voodoo drums far away in the distance and they eventually arrive and pass in front of our home. Mary loves to get on top of house and yell He is risen in Creole. They are celebrating Satan's victory over Christ death on the Cross. There is one place in town where there is a thirty foot statue of Jesus on the cross and they build a big stage platform under it where thy celebrate this and mock the cross. We are here to tell them the rest of the story and about He is risen and there is hope in a relationship with Jesus. It is because of you and your prayers and support that we are able to be here and do this. Thank you. As I think of this, I know there are many people in your realm of influence, even though they do not celebrate in this way, they do not know the power in the risen Savior. Please use this opportunity as you celebrate His life to share that with those who don't know. Please continue to pray for us as we share the love of God with those He places in our paths.

Group from Myrtle beach are not strangers here in Gonaives. They are building relationships that will last into the Kingdom Of God. It was a roller coaster week emotionally for each of us as we walked into the things which God placed before us. It was a challenge on several days with the children at Jubilee Blanc. They are continuing to give trouble feeding them in the big area and it is very slow gaining control. Please pray for us as we face this daily. The week was packed with house calls as nurse Rhonda was ready to help everyone. On last Monday we went with Doc to house where there were two burn victims. They had been in an accident in January, where they were trapped in a burning vehicle. They spent three weeks in the hospital and was released in February to go home. What we saw when we arrived was unbelievable. The whole front of one was burned from neck to toes, and the stanch of rotten flesh was unbearable. We tried to get them in the care hos

pital which is a temporary set up in a warehouse and they refused to take him. The next day, we were able to get him in. The other is being treated daily by Doc and seems to be getting better. Please pray for these and others who are out there which we do not know about.

The guys on the team along with Austin were able to place some tin on the sides of Mama Police's house where she could move back in.

It was great time on the mountain where we cried out to God along with the Haitian people to change this land. Thank you Palmetto Shores Church for representing Christ in Gonaives.

Last Thursday as I was traveling back to Gonaives, I began getting a headache and other body pains. When we arrived I was ready to go to bed to rest. When I awake on Friday morning I had all the Flu like symptoms, body pain, freezing one minute and sweating the next. I could not stand without being dizzy headed. We began to treat it for flu, it continued and we started treatment for Malaria, On Monday and Tuesday the sweating did not stop for 48 hours and I could not sleep with that. On Tuesday I was tested for Malaria and it came back negative. On Saturday and Sunday, Mary Began to call a few prayer warriors and it finally broke free on Tuesday afternoon and took a couple more days to rest and regain strength where I could function again. Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns. I am again a living testimony of what God can do through prayer.

We were able to get Grace Dieu to an aids clinic and on treatments this week. She is lady who had a baby in early December. The baby also is in an aids program and most likely will not have long-term aids if she stays in the treatment program. Mary's ear is doing great now. Dan Burns from Kansas is with us for three weeks. We look forward to working with him. Another team will arrive from Omaha on Friday. Please continue to be in prayer for those who are coming and laboring in the harvest. Prayerfully, we will begin with well this week or next. The security house on the property is near complete with doors being installed today. Praise the Lord!! English class continues to go well and there has been much help with the teams who are coming in.

Three of the ladies including Mary had a birthday in March, so we had a party and cake.

The woman who makes the clay cookies to sell was very friendly this time. She even gave us her recipe for the cookies.

Please continue for provision for this community as our vision expands.

Prayer Request

* Pray for the city this week and Haiti, as they celebrate, may God remove blinder and show some the truth.

* Genada's Ministries

*Thank God for His continued provisions for the children
through the Body of Christ and burn victims and others in need of medical help.

* Praise God for Mary's inner ear infection clearing up and my recovery.

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