Monday, March 2, 2009

How Deep is Your Well?

A team from First Baptist Brunswick arrived Friday and Saturday. They began in PAP when they stepped off the plane into the orphanage which houses the children which Mary and I were with during the storm. There are 50 children there now and each one was seen by the team which included a nurse Jennifer and Dental Hygienist Brenda. They shared their love and compassion with these children as they worked. They were also able to see each of the children at Bercy and then a 100+ in Jubilee. As always there were many turned away which did not get help.

Tony, Randy, and I went out on the water with a couple of the local fishermen (Barnabas and Elefat) on Thursday to experience some of the toils they go through from day to day trying to feed their families. It was an awesome time there and when we returned, Elefat came to our home to clean the catch of the day which was Lambi or Conch. During the process Elefat came to know Jesus Christ. The Lambi was good for diner also. There will be a team from my home area this week, led by Don Patterson, please pray for their safe travel and the events for the week as they come. Please pray for other teams who come and those who God is speaking to about coming.

The K-anaval or Party was peaceful for the most part here in Gonaives. Mary, Tony and I had a great opportunity on Tuesday night we went to the town square with some of our children here and passed out over 1,000 tracts in less than 30 minutes. It was a great way to share about the risen Savior. People were taking them faster than we could pass them out. Some were even helping us to pass them out. As we were leaving, many were reading the tracts which we gave them.

On Tuesday there was a medical clinic at Pastor Genada's church and Wednesday morning at Jubilee. Many were turned away in both places because we did not have enough time. I can only imagine what these people go through getting turned away so much. The McCarthy's son Colby was a warm welcome to the Haitian children here and shared God's love with them as he interacted so well. Many came to Christ though these clinics. Please continue to pray for the medical needs here in Gonaives.

This week as we read Oswald Chambers my utmost for His Highest, he was talking about the woman at the well. Her problem was that the well was too deep. It was only too deep because of her calculation without Jesus being the provision. As I ponder the depth of the spiritual and physical poverty here in Gonaives, it seems the well continues to get deeper as time passes, but this lesson has caused me to refocus on Jesus Christ who is the provision regardless of how deep our well is. As I write this I offer a prayer for any storm that you may have that just seems to deep for you to grasp, that you will allow Jesus to be the provision.

Things are going good with the market building though we have much to do trying to get more organized with it. The well Coordination and land build up are moving slow as always here in Haiti. Please continue to pray over these. Our English discipleship class is going strong with 50 students on Thursday. Many of them are to the place where they can read children's books now. Many who have come on teams have encouraged these in their walk with God. If you have any small devotionals which you use on a regular basis and throw away, if you could collect them and send to me they will be great for these students as they learn to read. Please continue to pray for these students as they become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Request
* Praise God for peace during carnival time and alllowing us to share the rest of the story.
* Market building, building up land, and well.
* Genada's ministries,
* Thank God for His continued provision for the children through the Body of Christ
* Continue to pray for english class.

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