Friday, March 13, 2009

Prayer Mountain

It was an exciting week last week as a team from Waycross, Ga. led by Don Patterson (Director Of Missions of Okefenokee Piedmont Association) visited with us. It was a short trip with many activities. On Wednesday the team was able to visit the feeding centers in Roboto and in Jubilee and help feed the children with food many of you provided. Afterward, there were several house calls where we were able to minister to the medical needs of several families in the village of Jubilee.

On Wednesday, we were able to spend time wit
h God on the prayer mountain which many of you have experienced when visiting here in Gonaives. It is a place where the Christians go to pray and is open 24 hours a day for them to meet with God and cry out for their country. This was a very special time for the team as is with all who visit there.

On Thursday afternoon
we traveled back to PAP where we visited Pastor Accilien's church. It was a good visit. On Thursday night we had dinner with him and also the IMB missionary in PAP Mark Rutledge.
On Friday morning the team was able to visit with Sherrie Fausey and see the wonderful things which God is doing through her ministry. Please pray for this team as they return and ask God what part they play in God's plan here. Also pray for others who have planned and are planning to come visit here.

The English discipleship class continues to expand. We gave test to many of them on Tuesday and it is amazing how they are advancing. There were 18 who have advanced enough to read English. Each of them were given a booklet with the Gospel of John. As they continue to advance, we will give them English Bibles and dictionaries. Please continue to pray for their growth in Christ and ability to learn English which will give them many more opportunities.

Our relationship with God and others continues to be our focus. On Saturday afternoon, Elefat, (the fisherman who came to know Christ) showed up in our yard with a pan full of fish for us. He cleaned t
hem and gave them to us, not wanting anything in return. Please continue to pray for Elefat and others as they walk daily with God. Walking with God is something that each of us must choose to do each day if we desire to know Him. We are continuing to help a man in Jubilee who burned both of his feet. Please pray for him and others who need medical help.

With love in Christ,

Emory and Mary

Prayer Request
* Market building, building up land, and well.
* Genada's ministries,
* Thank God for His continued provision for the children through the Body of Christ
* Continue to pray for English class.
* Please pray for the Genada's and me as we fight a cold and Mary's inner ear infection.

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