Monday, February 23, 2009

Rapid Response

On Monday of this week, we began feeding children in the Market building which many of you have seen. It was such a blessing to be able to feed the children where there is room. We were able to repair the doors and and lock them where we will be able to put tables and benches in it and lock it up. Please pray with us as God opens doors of opportunity to minister to this village.

Rapid response from Omaha, Nebraska walked beside us this week in Jubilee. With many trips in God's vehicle, we were able to bring 158 children from Jubilee to our house. They took pictures of each, names, birthdays, labels the homes which they were from, and entered it all in computer database. Each one was tested for Hemoglobin test for each one. It was a great task which was accomplished through the Body of Christ. Most of the childrens levels were anemic and some critical which we will be giving additional attention to over the next few weeks. (Report later) Thursday, we were able to make many house calls in Jubilee and the team helped with the feeding of the children several days. When visitors come, they not only give food for the physical body, but also give a touch of God's love as they look into the eyes of these children. It was a wonderful week with special times of worshiping God together. A team from First Baptist Brunswick and arrived Friday and Saturday. Their focus is to clean teeth and minister to medical needs. Please pray for these teams and others who are coming. It is changing lives as they share God's love with those who are less fortunate.

We are still working with getting dirt on the land to build it up, but is not an easy task. The truck drivers hauled dirt one day and were worried about getting stuck so they stopped hauling there. Please continue to pray for this as we move forward.

With love in Christ,
Emory and Mary

Prayer Request
* Peace during carnival time during the 24th and days proceeding.
* New opportunities in Jubilee, Market building, building up land, and well.
* Genada's ministries,
* Thank God for His continued provision for the children.

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