Thursday, April 14, 2011

Haiti Happenings...

It has been wonderful seeing the hand of God at work in lives the people of Jubilee.
Last week a team from Brunswick visited and shared the love and hope of God with those in Jubilee. It was spring break in the school, so they were able to do a VBS with the children and youth.

Brian has now completed 8 homes and returned home last week to be with his family for a few weeks. You can see the latest update on the home construction at . On Tuesday we gathered 8 of the women who did not have homes and were able to give them a home. The team was able to help them with the painting on the inside and outside of the houses. It was a great blessing to see their joy unspeakable which gave them hope. Four of these women were earthquake victims. Three of them had lost their husbands during the earthquake. On Wednesday of last week the team gathered around these women and prayed with them. On Thursday they were able to help them with many of their needs. We praise God for His provision.

Kathy and Beaver have been doing a wonderful job with the job skills training and this week it was a blessing to see these ladies which Kathy had been teaching how to make jewelry, journals, and wind chimes. On Friday they had an opportunity to bring their crafts to the school where they had an opportunity to sell them. It was awesome to watch these women with hope in their eyes as their things sold. I am sure it was a hope of a new way of life which will allow them to provide for their family with honor and dignity. We praise God for His provision through commerce. Beaver is also leading an effort with the medical community to bring training to nurses and Doctors in Gonaives so they will be better equipped to do their jobs.

With love in Christ
Prayer request
Continued provision for the children's basic needs.
Job skills training.
Provision of jobs.

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