Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update from Kathy...

Worth it!

We have a morning class where young mothers in the Jubilee are learning to create Journals. It is being taught by a young Haitian man, that approached us about buying some of his journals he had made. The quality is absolutely amazing! So we have employed him to teach this trade to others.

We are in our second and final week off this class and we already have people lined up to begin again next week.

This youn man, Mr. Benson, is one of the best teachers I have ever seen. He is taking everything down to the basics. Teaching how to use a measuring tape and even how to add fractions. He is brilliant and patient and Haitian and a believer as well! We about had church in class yesterday when Nicole Brown ( so happy to have her here this week!) and a friend of Benson’s came in and played guitar!

We are meeting in his house, toward the back of Jubilee..a very simple block structure decked out with two simple benches, well used and old formica table that is literally falling apart from good use.

That is it. That is everything in the house.

And he lives there with his mom and I don’t know how many siblings. ( I’ve met several, and their kids ! )

We needed tools and supplies to start the class, so with money that had been donated to the Trade School we bought some simple things and he actually made some of the tools we are using. Pretty amazing stuff. I think we will soon have a little business here !

The Jewelry Making Class is bursting with creativity. We have one student that I almost kicked out of the mama class and sent to the teenager class at first, thinking she was about 12 years old. The other mama’s had to convince me this young woman was 18 and a mama herself. She has an eye for color combining and putting elements of glass, metal and beads together. Amazing stuff.

We’ve also added Wind Chimes to our repertoire…The teenager class has really gotten into it. We are experimenting with different materials, found objects from Jubilee, sand tumbled glass, small pieces of drift wood, shells, bottle caps… Recycling at its height! Can’t wait to get these perfected and out for all the world to see the beauty in this place!

This week we are blessed to Have Bethany Preston and Lexi Holloway here. They began teaching hand sewing to the Momma class. The class was packed with 18 students…all very eager to learn to stitch. It was beautiful to watch as the young women from two different cultures, with two different skin tones…became as one group….young women who want to sew. Pretty simple, ridiculously beautiful .

We are so happy to have Bethany and Lexi,,,,just wish we could keep them for about a month!

The young men’s carpentry class is continuing to grow. Taylor Brooks is heading up the team this week, with Zach Preston and Daniel Brickhouse. They asked each student, why they are coming to class, what they hope to get from coming. “To learn to build …to help my family…to have skills to get a job” … the answers. They walked the young men through the process of having to figure out the plans, the costs and the overall effectiveness of a project. Adding the calculating skills to the actual building skills they have gotten in the last few weeks. Each teacher comes and gives something else to these young men. They are being equipped and empowered!

Martha Hanna and her Mid-wives , Ruth and Pris, continue to do a stunning job with the local nurses and mid wives of Jubilee. There class continues to be filled to overflowing. They have taught on practical issues that have sparked lots of conversations ! On Monday Miss Ruth “gave birth” to a lovely baby doll complete with his balloon placenta attached! I hear there is a video! The students have all seen Martha’s heart for them and they love her dearly. I don’t know how she will be allowed to leave !

We are also blessed this week to have a medical team from First Baptist Brunswick Georgia here. Led by Shannon Hemenway, they have documented health record for all the students at the Jubilee school, tended to daily wounds and today are doing a clinic in Roboto. What a huge blessing to have them here.

I was amazed to watch my not- so – little girl , Rebecca take charge when a woman showed up with a bloody foot. She immediately got her into the clinic, and started getting her cleaned up. With Nicole’s and Meghan’s help they cleaned , disinfected and bandaged her all by themselves. The lady gave them all big hugs and “thank you’s” afterward. Was a sweet moment!

At night the house is full of creativity , conversations and laughter! We have had some awesome times of worship together and sharing of hearts. It is always refreshing to hear what God is doing in each person and where they see Him in this land.

The rhythm of this place is a far cry from the fast paced “get it done” pace at home. It is sometimes outrageously aggravating to be prepared to start class at 9 am and at 9:45 to actually have to send word to the students that it is TIME! To have to pay 200 USD and then wait 6 days to get our power line restored after an unknown large truck broke our power line. To have an unending stream of needs brought to us 30 times a day!

But honestly , the aggravations don’t even merit thought, compared to the beauty we are blessed to see daily!

I was asked yesterday what one thing makes it worth the effort to be here and to do this. Simple, I turned around and pointed at the women, the Mamas, walking with us. That.

The people , all day, everyday. So worth it.

Thank you for your prayers and support, for trusting us to do this well.

MUCH love from Haiti,

Kathy Brooks

MUCH Ministries, Inc.

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