Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kids Against Hunger and Other Adventures...

Mary and I have had many opportunities over the last few weeks to visit with Many of our friends. We arrived in Cottonwood Arizona on the 14th of April where some of our friends (Kim Gould and Karen Freeman) were led of God to begin a Kids against Hunger (KAH)satellite food packaging program which will benefit the hunger needs of Haiti.

After the earthquake we had the opportunity to meet Tim Stomer, a representative of KAH. It was through this relationship that this satellite has begun. KAH combines, rice, vitamins and nutrition which supplies all the daily vitamins and supplements for children in one meal. If you would like to know more about them or help curb hunger throughout the world by starting a packaging operation in your community, you can see their work at It was great for Mary and I to be a part of this event which will help curb the hunger pains in Jubilee and throughout the world.

On Saturday the 16th of April, the local churches in the community of Verde Valley and Cottonwood Arizona came together to package 28,512 meals which will be shipped to Gonaives. Praise the Lord for His provision. You can help Verde Vally continue in this effort by giving at or you can E-MAIL THEM.
Since then Mary and I have traveled to Dolores, Estes Park, Auroura, and are now in Alomosa, Colorado sharing with small groups and churches about what God is doing in Haiti. It is great to spend time with friends who have been to Gonaives, and meet new friends along the way. Our friends are making sure we take some time to rest and see some of God's creation, such as the grand canyon, rocky mountains, navajo indian reservations and more. We will be traveling to Omaha this weekend to visit with our friends there before returning to South Ga on Monday and then returning to Haiti the 14th of May. We are thankful to God for friends He has placed in our lives.
  • Please pray for Mary as she is having neck pains again. She will be seeing the Doctors again next week for treatment.
  • Continued provision for the children's basic needs.
  • Job skills training.
  • Provision of jobs.

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