Thursday, April 29, 2010

Auction Brings Hope...

Last week another team from First Baptist Brunswick, led by Brandon Clements arrived in Gonaives. The team included dentist, Dental hygienist, medical personnel and others who loved to love on children. They were able to see many people here who had dental problems. It is not very often that we see Dentist here, so the lines were long with people who needed help. We were able to do a medical clinic in Jubilee and Raboto. On the way to PAP we were able to stop at Bercy and treat many of the adults and children there. During the clinic at Jubilee, a woman named Anaise came in with a 9 year old boy Benson, who had many problems since birth. It seemed he was crazy. When she puts him down, he will run in the road or pick up poop and put it in his mouth. She had lost her home in the flood of 2008. Her husband left because he could not cope with it. She was staying with a friend who was putting her on the street because of the actions of the son, she could not work to provide for her family due to the constant care of Benson. When she came to the clinic, she was at the end, crying and asking for help. Those on the team had opportunities to pray for her and Benson and encourage them. We are thankful for First Baptist Brunswick and there continuing effort and commitment to make positive changes in peoples lives who are less fortunate.

This past week has been a blessing in many ways. Johnny and Glenda Aldrige from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Blackshear visited with us. Johnny is the one who God gave a vision to have an auction for Haiti. It was Because Johnny and Glenda exercised their faith in what God was calling them to do, God blessed the auction greatly. Thanks to those who have given of what they had, those prayed, those helped, and those who bought these items which are turned into necessities of life for so many people. Because you gave your all, this week Anaise, Benson and his other two siblings have a new house. We will continue praying and working with this family to find some help for Benson. Thank you for giving to the Lord. Johnny's Pastor, Mike Stone along with Jerry Strickland from Emannuel Baptist Church also visited with us this week. Brother Mike encouraged the pastors in Bible school. Thanks to those who are coming and making a difference for the Kingdom of God.
Saturday evening while giving away clothes, shoes and bibles to some of our friends in Jubilee, we had a grandmother bring in a little girl named Diana. Diana is three years old and weighs 11.5 pounds. We were able to get her to a hospital in Dapoto. They will try to help her with nutrition, after that we will need to find her some help for her other problems which we do not know what are, her joints are starting to draw up. As I was writing this yesterday morning, I received a phone call that Diana died. Please keep her family in your prayers.
The construction for the school is well underway. The workers are starting the foundation of the other half of the building. We praise God for his provision through all our friends who see the and are praying and giving. It not only provides a place for school, but jobs to our friends who need provisions for their families. We are trying to complete 6 classrooms before school starts in the fall.

Prayer Request
Mary has had pain in her neck for about 15 days now. Please pray for healing to her neck and back.
Pray for Diana's family.
Pray for wisdom and insight as we try to help Benson
Please continue to pray for those teams who come and make a difference for the Kingdom.
We praise God for his provision through the Body of Christ.

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