Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter means different things to different people. As I reflect on Easter, I think about the festive time of past years spent with family and friends. We all come together with dish of pot luck and some meat on the grill. It has always been a good time of fellowship as the young and old come together and share time, food, games, and fellowship. As a Christian, I think of the debt that was paid on Calvary's cross and the new life which comes from the resurrection when you have a personal relationship with Jesus. I also think of the transforming power of God who changes us from who we were to who we become in Jesus Christ in the process of sanctification. This is the meaning to so many people who are Christians and have a relationship with Jesus as they reflect on what happened over two thousand years ago. There are so many people here who reflect during this time about what happened then, and they believe that Satan had the victory over Jesus on the cross and do not realize that He has risen. This weekend they have been celebrating this victory in a big way. As we went to Jubilee yesterday evening, they were preparing there for the evening ra-ra. Please continue to pray for these. The people in the village of Jubilee had the opportunity to watch the Passion of Christ film last night. It was a blessing to see so many watching the film.

There is an opportunity for you to make a difference in Haiti. The date for the Auction has been set for April the 10th which is next Saturday. It is an opportunity to for you to give things you do not need or use anymore. These items can be changed into food, clothes, and education for those less fortunate than you. Please consider giving things you may have in your garage or attic to the benefit Haiti Auction which will be next Saturday in Blackshear, Ga. Items such as cars, boats, motorcycles, campers, jewelry, furniture, land, and other items. To see items which are listed and photos, you can look at You can also find some links at the top of this blog for more information concerning the auction.
Please prayerfully consider giving to this cause and pray for those who are committed to this task and working so hard to make it happen.

Our friends from First Baptist Brunswick returned this week to continue building relationships with the people here in Gonaives. The team was led by Sondra McNorton who helped Doreen in the school. They tested all the children and worked with the teachers. We were able to do several medical clinics during the week. There are so many malnourished children and babies that come to the clinics. Please pray for these that they get the help they need.The team had an opportunity to give away bibles to the community. It was great to see the desire they had to have a copy of God's word. Those on the team who had been before were able to see how much they were missed when the children remembered thier names. It was a powerful week where we seen God's love flow in amazing ways. It is amazing to see how the power of God's love flows through willing vessels. Greg Dixon came with the team and will be helping Laura Lynn in the school for the rest of the year. Thank you First Baptist Brunswick for the things you do for the Kingdom of God.
Mary is over her cold now and doing better. We are praising God for all He is doing around us and through the body of Christ as we serve Him. Thank you for your prayers and support. It is only through you that we are able to function where God has placed us. We wish you a Happy Easter as you reflect on his Goodness.
With love in Christ
Prayer Request
Children who need medical help.
Auction: Those who give and those who will be recipients.
Praising God for who He is.

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