Sunday, June 6, 2010

Medika Mamba brings life and hope to Jubilee

We have been working with malnourished children in several ways, the beginning of May, Laura Lynn began the medika mamba program which is a peanut butter and high nutrition mixture which helps children who are severely malnourished to regain their strength over several weeks. It is based on the measurement and weight of the children and you know how much weight the children should gain each week. She began with 5 children and the team which was here from Omaha last week helped to purchase more of the peanut butter mixture where we can place more children in the program. We are pleased with the progress we are seeing as it gives them hope for their desperate situation. Below is a picture of Biolan and Jean who are two of the children in the program. Please continue to pray for these children.

The last few weeks we have seen much help to individuals and families as teams have come from several areas of the country and helped out with many things. Over the last month, several families have received new homes, beds, new roofs where they do not get wet when it rains. It has been a joy working with those who are helping the ones who are less fortunate. What joy is shed abroad in the hearts of people when those who have come share what they have with those who do not have. The groups from Omaha and Virginia were able to give much medical help and helped build and rebuild several houses. The group from Mississippi replaced a roof on a house, hung several doors, built soccer goals for the community, participated with medical clinics and pastor's meetings. It is great to continue seeing relationships being built for the Kingdom of God. Rich and Ken from ORR spent much of their time making family ID cards to help control community giveaways medical clinics. We were able to use them on shoe day when we gave away 330 pairs of shoes. It was great to see the families come in and pick out a pair of shoes. Probably something many of them have never been able to do. Please continue to pray for those who have come and those who will come.

Construction continues on the building as we prepare for school to start in August. We have several of the walls started now. Beaver has purchased a container and we will be loading it in the coming months to ship to Gonaives. We will be loading it with construction and school material. We are looking for some school desk that are in fair to good shape. We are also looking for a front-end loader or backhoe to help out with construction projects. Please continue to pray for God's provision for the building and the items which we need on this container.

Mary has been in Georgia a few weeks trying to get some relief for the pain in her neck. Please continue to pray for her as she seeks help. She has had several appointments but has not gotten much relief. I really miss her and it is difficult working here without her. We thank you very much for your prayers and gifts to those who are less fortunate. We love you and appreciate you very much.

With Love in Christ,

~Please pray for healing for Mary's neck and back.~Provision for ongoing construction.
~Benson's mother told me that he and her were able to sleep Tuesday night after they received medicine on Tuesday. We praise the Lord for His provision.
~Please continue to pray for those teams who come and make a difference for the Kingdom.
~We praise God for his provision through the Body of Christ.

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