Friday, February 19, 2010

A Time of Worship and Prayer...

What do you do when you loose your home, when you loose your children, when you loose your husband, when you loose your wife, when your bed sheets become your home, when the children's soccer field becomes a community of tent dwellers, when you loose you arm, or your leg, or both, when your friend is no longer near you when you need him? What do you do when a tent used for a weekend camping trip becomes your home. What do you do? It seems like so much the story of Job's life and yet he continued trusting God. Yet this is yet another story of Job as we have seen these people trust in God and worship Him in a way that makes my worship and gratitude towards God seem so pale. They called it 3 days of prayer. It was three days of worshiping and and praising Him. I have never witnessed such an event where people are stripped of all they have and they worship God anyway. Even in Gonaives I was following a group of maybe 2,000 people walking down the streets worshiping God. And then Sunday evening the town square was filled with people worshiping. It has been an awesome time in seeing the hand of God in so many ways as so many people from around the world come together to share what they have. For some it is talents, for some food and water, for some tents, for some sharing the love of God. It rained last night. Please pray for those who do not have tents to protect themselves from the rain.
It has been a blessing to have the team from First Baptist Brunswick here again. Tony has done a great job with the team this week. They have been such a blessing to me and the people of Haiti. They spent time serving by meeting medical needs in tent communities, distributing food and water. Praying for people in their tents, helping put tents up, playing with the children at Sherrie's and Dorothy's. We had an opportunity to spend one day in Gonaives, where some helped with the school, while others visited in the community. It was a blessing to see the VooDoo priest reconnect with his friends from First Baptist. We are continuing to pray for him.
We also had another team here with Omaha Rapid response with a Doctor and EMT. It was a blessing to see the body working together. They left Tuesday another team arrived from Omaha on Tuesday and they traveled to Gonaives on Wednesday and are working there helping out with the overcrowded hospitals due to wounded and dismembered persons. They are also working in Jubilee. For update on their work, please see
It has nearly been 4 weeks since my return. I continue to look around me for opportunities to show God's unconditional love to those around me. It has been a sad time as I continue to look into the depths of the eyes of those in need. They do not have to speak, you just know what they are thinking. "Please help me". When you go through so much for such a long time, which are in desperate need, it wears you down. Last week and this week I have been experiencing some burnout, but the last couple of days God has given me rest. I praise the Lord for that. Mary will be joining me tomorrow and I look forward to seeing her. Please pray for her safe travels.

With love in Christ,

Prayer request
Provision of food, shelter (tents), comfort to these families.
Spiritual wisdom and insight for us and the teams who are working here.

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