Monday, February 8, 2010

A Sense of Helplessness...

We are continuing to do what we can to help those in need. It continues to be a sense of helplessness because the need is so great. Nearly everyone we talk with asks us for food, tents and other provisions. There are so many who have lost loved ones and are hurting deeply, but yet continue to go on with life. God continues to provide through many individuals and churches who continue to give. We were able to buy 2500 lbs of rice today and will distribute it tomorrow. Please continue to pray for God's continued provision. The Church here is having a large impact. There are many people in a temporary hospital where there are many people who do not know Christ come from all over the world to help. The Haitian people there and those who are Christians have a great testimony as they worship God in the mist of the storm. Mission of Hope has given 1500 lbs of rice which we distributed last week. Operation blessing has given a lot of baby food, diapers, and MRE's which we have passed on to Sherrie, Dorothy and the Haitian people. We praise God for His provision through other Christian organizations. Mike Little visited last week and was able to do many building inspections and talk to many people about returning to their homes. People are still scared to sleep in their homes even if their homes are good, therefore they continue sleeping in the streets and tents.

Last week a team from Omaha was here with Omaha Rapid Response. They were able to purchase and distribute food. Some of them were medical people who worked in tent areas and at Sherrie's. We had a couple of opportunities to visit with Dorothy. It was such a blessing to love on the children again. As always building relationships into the Kingdom. We thank God that He allows us to co-labor with others who Follow the ways of Jesus.

We had another opportunity to visit Gonaives on Saturday evening. Things continue to go well at Jubilee and the children are being fed each day with Amos and the others taking care of the task. Some one broke into our house last week and took a few small things. On Wednesday night they crossed Pastor Genada and Rose's fence around 1am and tried to break into their doors and windows with pipes. Pastor Genada was able to scare them away. We think the increase in crime is in part due to those who escaped from prison in PAP and have returned to Gonaives. There is no where to lock up these criminals and it is a bad situation. Please pray for them and for the safety of the people there.

A team from Brunswick First Baptist Church led by Tony McNorton arrived on Sunday morning. They began working in the tent communities building relationships, building a tent and assisting with medical issues. Last night we had the opportunity to visit Pastor Accilien and his congregation and worship with them. Afterward Beaver gave us a word of encouragement and then the churches had a special time of prayer for each other. Today we worked at Sherrie's and in her community doing medical clinic, and loving on the people there. What a blessing it is to build relationships into the Kingdom of God. Please pray for the power of the Holy spirit to magnify the light of Jesus in the lives of those sharing the love of God here.

Mary traveled to Wake Forrest N.C. last night to visit with Lori this week. She plans on returning to Haiti on the 20th.

For more pictures see the post below.

With love in Christ,
Prayer Request
Provision of food, shelter, comfort to these families.
Spiritual wisdom and insight for us and the teams who are working here.
Those who lost love ones and continue morning.
The criminals who have escaped and causing trouble.

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