Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kingdom Expanded...

People continue to come to know Jesus in the mist of many problems. It has been a very interesting week for salivations. Mike Banker was along with the team from SSCC (Saint Simons Community Church) and during the week the Holy Spirit brought him to a place where he realized he needed to follow Jesus. Mike is now a Christian from the Brunswick area. There was a very special time of Baptism in the ocean during our return trip. People have asked me before if it "is ok to bring people here who are not Christians?" Of course it is. If we do not allow people to get close enough to us to know us and the God we serve, how will they ever know Him? Pastor David and I had another opportunity this past week on Wednesday to witness to Lucner. He still was not ready to follow Christ. On Thursday, his girlfriend came to us with her cousin and both wanted to follow Jesus. We were able to talk with them and pray with them. Please continue to pray for them as they walk with God and also pray for Lucner as he continues to contemplate his decision. Another lady who's husband died, was renting a house and the landlord asked her to leave because she could not pay. We were able to find her a house and a bed. She then wanted to follow Jesus. Praise the Lord of the Harvest.

It has been an awesome week with SSCC. There were two doctors and three nurses on the team. They were able to work one day in the tent areas of PAP and did two full day medical clinics in Roboto and at Pastor Genada's. There are many people in Gonaives who have injuries from the earthquake. In addition to the medical clinics, they were able to give away 5 big suitcases full of medicines and medical equipment. We praise the Lord for those who have given where those who are less fortunate can have.

On Thursday
. Jack from my hometown of Waynesville, collected $550 to buy Chickens for people in Jubilee. So we were able to buy 100 chickens, bring them to our home, invite people from Jubilee. In addition to that we had many clothes, and shoes which we needed to give away. So when they arrived, we were able to give each one two chickens and a bag of clothes and shoes. We praise the Lord for the Body of Christ who have given that others may have. In addition to this work, they visited Sherrie and Dorothy's work in PAP, Spent time on Prayer mountain, and began many relationships with people they never known and taught some of the children in school. It was sure a pleasure to have our friends Kathy and Beaver on this team who contributed so much. We love you guys! We praise the Lord for this team and their willingness to serve in a flexible way. Thanks to SSCC from the people of Haiti.

Laura Lynn has been Gonaives for 6 weeks now and has committed to help in the school for a year. It has been great seeing the changes in the children since she has arrived. She will be living in a simple apartment in Jubilee with very little. On Thursday night the team gave her a house warming with many gifts that will help her in her simple life. This is another way God has provided through the body of Christ as people step out in obedience. Please continue to pray for Laura Lynn and others who God is calling here for longer term service.

Mary and I have had a few days of rest and are trying to get things going again in Gonaives. It has been a blessing to be able to help out the people in PAP with all the destruction and the great need. Through those of you who have given, we have been able to buy a lot of food and help many people who were displaced from there homes. Please continue to pray for those who are living in tents as the rain is being more frequent here in PAP. Thank you for those who have co-labored with us to help those in need. We have friends and Pastors in PAP who we are continuing to help along the way. If God leads you to continue to help with earthquake victims, you can let me know what it is designated for or you can give to Sherrie Fausey through CLF as many of her teachers have lost there home and she is trying to build a building to place the orphans in. May God richly bless you as you continue to serve Him by serving others.

With love in Christ,

Prayer request
Provisions for those who have been displaced in PAP.
Continued provision for the children in Jubilee
Continued provision in the school.
Continued provision for construction of school and clinic.

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