Saturday, October 17, 2009

School Begins

It has been a busy time since we returned to Gonaives. On our way in we stopped to see Aron who is 14 pounds now and continues to grow. He is such a joy to hold him and see him smile. Thanks for your prayers for your continued prayers for him. The children in Jubilee were glad to see our return and it has been good to be with them again. They were taken good care of and fed each day while were gone because of those of you who have prayed and given for this cause.

Kathy Brooks led a team from South Ga last week which consisted of medical personnel, educators, and various people to share God's love with people here in Gonaives. They were able to complete several medical clinics in Jubilee Roboto and in Bercy. During this time, many relationships were begun which will be lasting. There was much love shared with the children in Jubilee in through games, singing, and spending time with them. The builders began building onto the building which we have in order to have a place to begin the school. It was an awesome time of work, worship, and building relationships into the Kingdom of God. Please continue to pray for those who have visited and those who plan to visit in the future.

When we were home, we shared with some of you about Jerry's plight. He is eight years old now. When he was three months old, he had some kind of surgery which left him with two holes in his side. One on each side under his ribs where urine runs out continuously. His mother tries to soak it up by tying towels around him. The other children shun him because of the smell. When we returned, we were able to find a doctor in PAP who would look at his case. He had an appointment last Monday and this week he is scheduled for a sonogram. Please continue to pray for him. Thanks for those of you who have committed to help and pray for Jerry. I will keep you posted of future needs.

We are rejoicing this week as school begins in Jubilee. Doreen Sigman came last week with the team from South Ga. to start a school. Tami and Taniuska has worked beside Doreen last week as they interviewed and hired teachers, identified students, and made preparations for starting on Monday of this week. It was great to see the children come, some as they were, and some with new clothes and shoes. Some of the parents were very excited about this opportunity for their children. We are likewise excited about this change which is coming to Jubilee. Please continue to pray for the teachers, students, parents and those on the team who are trying to get this going smoothly.

Some of you may remember Delines who had 2 club feet. Dr Hamm from Brunswick was able to get some braces for him last year to straighten his feet, but during the flood he lost them. Last week we were able to get him to Cap Haitia where he had surgery on one foot. It is healing and he will return in November to fix the other foot. Thank you for praying for him as he heals.

With love in Christ,
Emory & Mary
Prayer request:
Help for Jerry
School and teachers in Jubilee
Children in Jubilee

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