Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Medical Clinics

In late July, Dwayne Harmon visited us with a team from Virginia. Through his experience here and the next few following at home, God inspired him to place his experience to words in a song. The song and pictures which depict the words will follow in another e-mail for you to listen and look. I know that those of you who have been here can identify with the words and those have not will be blessed by it. It has been copyrighted and they will hopefully have CD's which proceeds will be forwarded to help in Haiti. May you be as blessed as I was when I heard it.

Team from South Georgia visited this week to do a few medical clinics. On Monday they worked in Jubilee focusing on the sick and on Tuesday they were helping the pregnant mothers in Jubiee. Then on Thursday they were able to do a clinic at Pastor Genada's church. Some of the activities were English class, meeting with another missionary team from Washington state and Canada, and giving away sandals and underwear at pastor Johns Church, all of which was building relationships into the Kingdom of God and a special time on prayer mountain building on thier relationship with God.
Visiting with teams from Washington and Canada
Stanley at English class
Giving away sandals and underwear
Nurse Ann with mothers
Jonathan, Stanley, Doug and Tommy
This week as I was meditating and studying in Romans 12, I was reflecting on how it focuses on our relationship with God first and then moves into our relationship to others. It helps me to realize that if our relationship with others is not right, it is an indicator that our relationship with God is not right. I am so thankful that God's unconditional love came to me in all my faults and failures. "Father thank you for this and May your unconditional love which I have experienced flow through me to others because I choose to love them without conditions which is the way you loved me. Amen." I am so thankful for those who are coming to build relationships here. Please pray for those who have come and those who plan to come in the future.

Jerry continues to move toward surgery. He has completed all the primary test and x-rays.Today he will be having pre-surgery test and based on the results will have surgery scheduled. Please be in prayer for him. I do not know much about this, but do know that after not urinating for 8 years, it will take a miracle from God and his guidance of the doctors hands to put everything in place to work correctly. Thank you to those who have committed to support him Financially and those who have committed to pray for him.

Aron continues to thrive. We are now praying about his future.He will need to be adopted or placed in an orphanage somewhere because the Grandmother has said she does not want him. Please continue to pray for him.

Aron Before
Tommy and Aron
Aron Now
The rent on our house runs out on the last day of November. We are currently looking at a house to do a contract on. Please pray for us as we make these decisions. School continues to go well with minor growing pains. Below is a picture of D.G. modeling first school uniform. Please continue to pray for the school, teachers, and administrators.
Pastor Genada came down with Malaria again on Sunday evening. Please pray for him this week.

Thanks to all of you who are praying, serving and supporting us. We are reminded each day that there is no way that we could do the task which we do if it were not for those who co-labor with us. Your task is no less important than the ones which we do. We we walk on the streets and minister, we know you are walking beside us. We are so thankful that God has called us to be co-laborers together to help further the Kingdom of God. Thank you!

Prayer request
School and teachers in Jubilee
Children in Jubilee
Pastor Genada
Julienne is doing great. Juliensi is back in the hospital from Dehydration. Please continue to pray for him.
House to rent

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