Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Community Effort...

Everyone continues to be Busy with the works of beginning a school. Doreen, Tami, and Taniuska continued another week getting everything in place and recruiting more students, while Jonathan continued with the construction at Jubilee and helping pastor John with the roof on his church. We were able to move the students into the new room on the 2nd of October. Mary is working with Madanm Rose some of the deaf to make uniforms for the children at school. There are several of the mothers who are helping with the school each day to make sure everything goes well. It has truly been a community effort as mothers help in school and tote water for construction and fathers help with the construction.
On the first of October, one of the guys in the village came to us and said his sister needed our help to go to PAP because she had had a c-section and it had gotten infected and was now opened up. The doctors in Gonaives told her there was nothing they could do for her. When we arrived at Julienne's house we seen a three inch diameter hole in her stomach which was terribly infected and a baby (Juliennsi) which was 10 days old and dehydrated. We took the baby to our house and each one took turns taking care of it until Saturday when we could take the mother to PAP. We left early Saturday morning we had a mattress in the back of the truck since she could not sit up. It was a 5 hour rough ride for her to PAP. When we arrived, we went to three different hospitals which turned her away. Two of which would not even look at her because the doctors were on strike. We then went to a fourth which would not keep her, but were willing to clean her wound and teach us how to care for it. This really challenged me and my revealed to me in a greater way the need for medical help in Haiti. We returned with her to Gonaives and she stayed with us for about 10 days. Her and the baby are doing well now. Please continue to pray for them.
We were honored to have a team from North Ga. visit with us this week which consisted of Mike Little, daughter Robin and her husband Shawn. It was a great time of building relationships and ministering to the needs of the people here in Gonaives. It is always great to have people come and build relationships with our friends here. Their activities included, taking care of babies feeding children, teaching English, and bible school, and spending a morning with Barnabas on the boat last Tuesday morning. I was able to go with them on the Boat on Tuesday morning. When we returned, I made a bad mistake trying to step on land and twisted my shoulder and it came out of joint. It is healing now and is a lot better. On Wednesday night Barnabas and his partner Savwa went to church and they accepted Christ that evening. We thank God for those who are coming and making a difference by building relationships into the Kingdom of God. Please continue to pray for those who are coming.

Marvin continues to do well with his TB treatment. He should finish this round this week. We tried to get him into a couple of different schools here, but because he has not been in school they would not except him, so we have enrolled him in the school in Jubilee.

Jerry continues to have consultations with Doctors here about his condition. He has another appointment at 2pm on Friday. Please continue to pray for him.

We are continuing to pray about another house as the rent is up on the one we are in the 1st of December. We are looking at one which is near us. It looks like there is none available in Gonaives outside the flood zone at this time. Please continue to pray for us as we seek God's will for a place for us to minister.

The English continues to do well. Over the last two weeks I have been testing some of the students and have given away 22 English Bibles. Last week Charley passed his test and he was proud. Thank you to those who have given bibles for this. It is a great blessing to those who receive them. See photo below!
Prayer request:
School and teachers in Jubilee
Children in Jubilee
Barnabas as he grows in Christ
The house we need
Julienne as she continues to heal at home.

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