Sunday, July 19, 2009

Work in Jubilee Continues...

The work in Jubilee continues to thrive. The relationships we are building with the people in the village of Jubilee are priceless. God continues to place people in our lives who need to know they have hope. Our presence here working along side them with them knowing God has sent us to help, gives them hope. This does not come without persecution. The guys who work with us are being threatened at times. Some of them watch over the property at night to keep the thieves out and are in harms way. Today when they were sharing this with me, I shared with them about you, our friends who were lifting them and us up before the Lord each day. Thank you for caring and praying for our protection and those who are helping us. Today we were able to pour a cement floor in the shelter we have and started placing the tin siding on it. We are continuing to have dirt hauled in. It is a slow process, but God is providing in a way which is not costing anything. If we had to pay for this soil and rock, it would have been 10s of thousands of dollars. Praise the Lord for His provision.

Alex Anderson, Mary's brother in law is continuing to improve. Mary went home last week to be with them during this time. He has been able to walk. His arm movement continues to improve. And his speech has improved. It has progressed to where he was able to come home yesterday. Thank you for your prayers and praise the Lord. Thanks to those of you who have called and encouraged Mary in different ways while she is there. I sure miss her and look forward to seeing her. I will be joining her on the 29th of July and be there with her for a few weeks before returning to Haiti. We look forward to seeing many of you and visiting with you while we are home.

In some of my past news letters, I have shared about Brian Smith and Omaha Rapid Response helping with the work in Gonaives and Jubilee. On Tuesday of this week Brian arrived with his wife Cody, children Kendra, Brad, Emma, and Kara. They will be staying for a month seeking God's will for their family in the future. As they visit, they are continuing to make a difference in Jubilee helping with feeding the children, remodeling houses, and building lasting relationships into the kingdom of God. Cody is also a nurse and has been a great asset to bringing hope to those who need it. They will also fill in the gap part of the time while we are in the states in August by feeding the children and hosting the teams which come. Please pray for Brian, Cody and family as they seek God's will for the Kingdom of God.

Many of you who know Marvin and have asked about him. He is grateful for each of you who ask about him and pray for him. He is doing great. We helped him celebrate his 10th birthday while the team from Brunswick was here. This like Woobens was his first birthday party. Haitians do not celebrate birthdays because there is no money to invite friends for cake and a coke. Please continue to pray for Marvin and healing.

We have had several opportunities to stop at Dorothy's in PAP and see Aaron. You would not believe the changes we see in him. God has truly transformed him. You can feel the seem lines in his head now. He has this great smile when you talk to him. Looking at him, you cannot tell anything was wrong with him and he over seven pounds now. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for him.

The English class has continued to draw interest. Each Tuesday and Thursday we have 120- 150 people there. This week was a milestone for six more students who earned English Bibles. Thanks to those of you who have donated these and continue to pray to these students.

With love in Christ,
Emory and Mary

Prayer Request

Alex and Cynthia Anderson

Work and protection of workers in Jubilee

Aaron and Marvin

The teams who have come and are coming.

Brian, Cody and Family

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