Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Baptist Brunswick Brings Life and Hope

Tony McNorton and his family returned last week with Pastor Tim Nobles and friends from First Baptist Church in Brunswick. There were many highlights during the week which brought smiles and joy to many. One of my favorite was the VBS in Jubilee. They planned for 200 children and 350 attended. They gave the children t-shirts and they really lit the place up in the big open field. The team supplied them with breakfast, a sa-pi-bon, and gave out sandals on Friday.

There were many people who came to know Christ during
the week through preaching of the word and sharing their faith in the homes. There was a mother who brought her baby which was 8 days old and was not eating or opening his eyes. After one team member spent some time with God in prayer, the baby began eating and his eyes were opened. Praise the Lord! We met a Voodoo priest in Jubilee and had many opportunities to witness to him. He has not accepted Christ, but knows that God is calling him away from his practice. Please pray that he will be able to have the strength to let go of the old and take hold of Jesus. His name is Lukner.

I can remember a few camping trips in my life where you go camping and set up your tent, after going to bed there is a rain or a heavy fog and water begins dripping on your face right after you go to sleep. It seems that regardless of how much rainex you use, it still finds a way to come in. Knowing how miserable that is, I cannot imagine so many of these homes in Jubilee which have so many holes in them. This week we were able to replace the roof on two of these homes and we will continue to work on more in the coming weeks. The team was able to put rafters up on the building and this week some of the guys in Jubilee and I were able to put the tin on. Praise the Lord! The team has brought joy to these homes with very little time invested. They also did a medical clinic in Jubilee and gave hope to many hurting people. Please pray for the members from First Baptist of Brunswick and others who God is calling to make a differences in Jubilee.

The dirt continues to be dumped on the property. We continue to praise the Lord for this as we need about 3 feet of dirt to rise above the flood zone with the buildi

Mary's sister, Cynthia and her husband Alex Anderson need your prayers this week. He had a stroke following a gall bladder surgery last week. Now he is in a therapy program trying to learn how to talk. The stroke effected his speech and his right side. Please be in prayer for them.

Thank you to each of who have continued to support, pray for and encourage us in our efforts here. We could not do what we do without the body of Christ. It is a great thing to see a community transformed and lives changed each day because you, the body of Christ want to make a difference. We praise God for you being a part of the change in our lives and those around us.

Prayer Request

Alex and Cynthia Anderson

Continued provision for the children
Families in need in Jubilee
The teams who have come and are coming

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