Monday, August 10, 2009

Hello from Waynesville

The past few weeks have run together as so many things have happened and God has been ever present in so many ways. On the Thursday the 23rd of July, we invited Lucner, the voodoo priest and his wife over for diner. We have had an opportunity to build a relationship with him for several weeks. He realizes that God is calling him into a relationship with Himself, but is concerned about how he will feed his family if he follows Christ. Isn't this how it is with each of us when God calls, we must take a big step of faith to trust completely in His provision. Please pray for Lucner and his family.

On the 18 of July Dr. Kim Gould arrived from Arizona to visit with the children in Jubilee again. She along with Brian's wife Cody were able to see many of the children which we had tested several months ago. She brought vitimans with her and we are making efforts with the nusre to get these to the homes which need them the most. In addition to these children, there were many more medical needs met through their willingness to spend many hours each day. Please continue to pray for this work and the medical needs in Gonaives.

On the 24th of July we were able to take Amania to Dorothy's orphanage in PAP. She is one of the children near the waterfront in Gonaives who is not able to walk. She is three years old and unable to stand or walk. When we went to PAP she and her mother went with us to see what kind of help is available. After a couple of days, Dorothy called and said she is walking around on a walker. It was great to visit there as it is always. I was able to hold Aron and some of the other babies. When we took Aron to Dorothy's, he weighed 4.5 pounds with no hope from Doctors to live. Now is a healthy 9 pounds. We are continuing to pray for him. It continues to amaze me how God is bringing so much healing to these babies through Dorothy's obedience of being available.
On the 25th of July Dina Slusher arrived from Roanoke, Virginia with a team of twenty persons representing six different bodies of believers around that area. Activities for their visit included visiting homes, feeding children, VBS for the children in Jubilee, putting new tin on some leaky roofs, and a special trip to prayer mountain. While some of the men were working on a roof in the village, they began to sing songs of worship to God. While doing this, one of the ladies who had been watching them, went home, removed her voodoo articles from her home, burned them and returned to tell the men she wanted to follow Jesus. Please pray for these guys this week as they return to their homes and meditate on the things of God.
I arrived home in Waynesville on Wednesday evening and was glad to see Mary waiting for me at the airport in Jacksonville. The work in Jubilee and Gonaives has not been the same without her. It has been good to see some of our family and friends and look forward to seeing many others and meeting new friends. It was great to worship God with freinds and family at our home church in Waynesville this morning. Mary had some minor surgery on Friday and is at home recuperating now with some pain and discomfort. Please pray with us as she recovers from this. Alex continues to improve and was seen this week mowing grass. Praise the Lord for what He has done.

The past couple of weeks has been filled with joy for many families in Jubilee as the Smith family representing Omaha Rapid Response continue to replace roofs on huts, replace floors in huts and replace some huts. The recipients of this work are not the only ones who are happy. This has created several jobs in Jubilee for men who did not have work before. It is such a pleasure to work with these guys and be a part of their lives. Please continue to pray for the Smith family as they will be in Gonaives for a couple more weeks continuing this work and helping make sure the children are fed each day.
With love in Christ
Emory and Mary

Prayer request:

Work and protection of workers in Jubilee

Aaron Amania and Marvin and other medical needs in Gonaives.

Mary's recovery

The teams who have come and are coming.

Brian, Cody and Family

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