Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kids Recieving Hot Meals Again

It has been a great week in Jubilee as many of the children showed up each day to help out with the work. They were there to help any way they could. Also several of the men there and it has been a good relationship building. We had to shovel dirt in wheel barrels to build up the area where we are building. We were able to put walls up and give the children a hot meal today. They were all smiles and very happy. Thank you for your prayers and support as we have walked through this. Things are going good with all the people there now. It is another victory for Jesus Christ.

Dorothy says our Aron continues to improve. He now weighs six pounds. He still has not learned to drink from a bottle, he has to be fed with a syringe. Please continue to pray for him.

There continues to be over 100 in the English class and it has been a great discipleship tool. This week ten more people reached a milestone to receive an English bible. They are very happy to receive these and it is great reading material which will help mold their lives to follow Jesus. Thanks for those of you who have donated bibles and funds for bibles.

Sometimes we forget how we have been blessed by God. A few weeks ago after a downpour, I visited Jubilee and went inside of several homes. Many people awoke to a few inches of mud in their homes from leaking roofs. Many of them have plastic over their beds to catch the rain when the roof leaks so it does not leak on them while they sleep and for some they just tolerate it. We had an Idea to help a few of these families with 100$ for a house you could replace a roof, pour a cement floor or put a door on a house. Most of these house are two rooms which are 10'X10' each. When Beaver went Home he shared this need with some people and several people have given towards this cause. So this week we will be doing some home makeovers. A team from First Baptist in Brunswick will be helping with this. Thank you to those who gave to make this possible and for the team who is coming to work along beside the Haitians to accomplish this. Please pray for this team and those in the village of Jubilee.

Pastor Genada has had the bakery back in operation for a few weeks now and the deaf who cook the bread are very happy. They take pride in their work and are always happy to show you how they do their work. Pastor Genada and Rose are currently working on ways to improve sales. The bread sure taste good. Please continue to keep them and their ministry in your prayers.

Other Notes:
The other twin of Mercidieu passed away last week. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.
Marvin is in good spirits. Thanks for your continued prayers for him.

Prayer needs
Aron; that he will get care and healing which he needs.
Mercidieu's family
Those who are visiting and those who God is calling to visit.
Jubilee, families, homes, children.
Praise God for all He has done.

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