Monday, June 8, 2009

Wednesday of last week, we had the task of going to Aron's grandmother and tell her the sad news that Aron would most likely not live, but we would continue to pray and have our friends praying for him. Last Saturday, Mary and I were able to spend the day with him. He did not look like the same baby. Dorothy had found a soft spot on his head. On Sunday Dorothy said she was able to detect some seam lines in his skull. Praise the Lord. He had a few bad days this week where he could not keep food down, but he is doing better today. Dorothy registered him at Healing hands yesterday. I am attaching a before and after picture . He does not look like the same baby. Please continue to pray for him as he is badly malnourished.

We have spent a lot of time with Marvin and the Doctors the past two weeks. We were unable to confirm his TB test due to a sore on his are from last test. We have treated him for TB and we will get another chest exam after two weeks and see if the inflammation is cleared up. The Doctor said his CD4 count was low enough that he dos not need treatment for HIV at this time. It is very important to have good nutrition and drink plenty of water. His spirits are high and it seems not to bother him. Please keep him in your prayers. I told him that all of his friends were praying for him, because I was letting you know how he was. He was very happy about this and grateful.

It has been another week of struggles in Jubilee. The area representative there told us we have to hire him and 5 others who he chooses if we are going to work there. I told him we would not work in that way, because we were there to help the community as a whole. Yesterday we went there to begin work on a shelter to feed the children. We communicated to them that God had called us there to work and whatever they did would be between them and God. This area can be volatile at times and so we are praying for our safety and that God will bind the hands of those who try to do us harm. They did come with a different attitude this morning with a willingness to work with us. It would be an easier route to pay bribes and do what you want here, but we do not believe that is what God would have us do. We have been able to to continue getting food to many of the children by giving dry food to many of the house holds. Please continue to pray for us and the leaders in this village.

This afternoon Mary and I were in town and received a telephone call around 2:30. It was Mercidieu (most of you who have been here know him, he is one of the men in Jubilee who has been doing a great job working with us since we started), it was raining and he asked if we could come with our truck and take him to the hospital? When we arrived, they came out with two babies, his wife was 7 months and the babies had just been born in their hut around 2pm. Mary held both of them to the hospital. Around 7pm tonight he called us and one of the babies had died and the other is barely hanging on. Please pray for this family and especially this baby.

It was great to have Beaver Brooks here last week from our hometown of Waynesville. It was a blessing having him here. We spent time praying together and building relations with people through the ministry here. Beaver, wife Kathy and family continue to focus on bringing change to the kingdom of God with their work in Waynesville and in Haiti. Please pray for Much Ministries there in Waynesville. We also welcome others to come and be a part of what God is doing here in Gonaives.

It was good to participate in several VBS's this week. Mary and I had a few opportunities to talk with churches and children doing VBS this week. Thanks to those who have allowed us to participate with you.

Prayer Requests
Marvin as we continue to get help for him.
Aron; that he will get care and healing which he needs.
Mercidieu's family and baby.
Those who are visiting and those who God is calling to visit.

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