Friday, April 17, 2009

Continued Provision

It has been a wonderful week as we have had a team from Omaha visit with us this week. They have been a blessing to us and to those who they serve this week. They have rebuilt a few homes in Jubilee village and have started working with more families to bring life and hope. This week another home was complete with a roof where the family can return.

It is so awesome to see that God is placing different people on the wall as he rebuilds for the Kingdom of God. Please continue to pray for your place on the wall and what God would have you to do. This team brought a special guest with them this time. It is Waheed Alam from Pakistan. We had a very special treat on Sunday night because the Pakistan Army is serving part of the UN force here in Gonaives. They invited Wheed and he invited us to go with him. They really treated us like royalty and fed us a great meal of lamb. On Monday evening I received a call from the Col. Zafar who wanted to visit Jubilee on Tuesday. They joined us there for the feeding program and then gave us a truck load of food for the children there. Praise the Lord for His provision. It is great as God is expading our reach and realm of influence into other countries as we build relationships into the Kingdom of God.

This also has been a great week in Jubilee. The medical needs have been overwhelming for Mary and I and taking much of our time. We have been praying for someone to help us with this. This week God has placed Nurse Matine in our lives. She is a registered nurse and we were able to to hire her this week. She has began distributing vitamins to the children and checking on the sick persons in the village each morning. Praise the Lord for his provision. Last Sunday when Omaha Rapid Response was interviewing a family which they built a house for in Jubilee, I was there and the question was asked "How many meals do your children get each day?" The response was "One meal which they receive at the feeding program." Even though this was something which I knew, to hear this mother say this in a very sad manner, caused me to be so thankful to be able to do this. As I pondered it, I realized that there would be no way for this to happen if it were not for those of you who support this program and pray for this provision. Thank you so much for all you do for the Body of Christ. We have been able to build more benches for the children now and it has been a blessing to be able to sit them down and have some order. Please continue to pray for support and other needs which we have here.

It has been a blessing having Dan Burns here for three weeks working along side of Austin. They have been a tremendous blessing, building benches, furniture and helping feed the children each day. They also went out on the boat with Barnabas on Wednesday and caught more starfish, conch, and an octopus. Yesterday, we had octopus for lunch. It was different!! Pastor Genada has finished construction on the oven for the Bakery. It will take two weeks for it to cure before he will be able to cook bread in it. Please continue to pray for them.

With love in Christ,

Emory and Mary

Prayer Request

* Genada's ministries,

* Thank God for His continued provision for the children through the Body of Christ and pray for continued provision.

* Praise God for nurse Matine and the medical help she will provide!!!

* Praise God for all His provision through the Body of Christ in many different ways!!!

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