Monday, May 18, 2009

Manifest the Life of Christ

It is always good to give you reports of the great things which God is doing here in Gonaives. It is not so easy to give reports of the struggles and persecutions which we have while serving on the foreign field. This has been and continues to be one of the hardest weeks Mary and I have had as we serve here. Even as I write, our hearts are heavily burdened for those we have grown to love. The people in the village of Jubilee, began using the market this week which is good, for it provides opportunities for them to make money for their families. After that one of the villagers took the benches we were using to feed the children with and would not return them. We spent most of the day yesterday getting orders from a judge for them to return the benches. They were returned but the judge told us if they did not want to work with us, we needed to find another place in the city to feed children where people would work with us. We have grown to love many of the children and adults in this village and do not want to leave. We believe this is where God has called us to serve. As I was reading Oswald Chamber's "utmost for his highest" this morning, I was reminded that I was saved to manifest the life of Christ in this mortal flesh. It is when we are placed in difficult situations such as this that we are able to manifest the life of our flesh or the life of Christ. When things are going good, we do not have this opportunity. It is difficult at best as we walk though this trial, but my prayer is that I will respond in the way which Jesus would respond and His life would be manifest in me. We are having to stop feeding the children a few days as we seek God's will and direction. Please pray for the children and those who are using the children in a way to try to control us.

God continues to provide for the needs of the children day by day. Another baby who has been malnourished for a few months was brought to the feeding program this week His name is Herode. He is 18 months old and 9 pounds. Mrs. Baker is helping care for him. She will keep him in her home for a few weeks to try to nurse him back to health. We took him for blood test and everything is good except his hemoglobin level which is 9. Please continue to pray for him.

Doctor Jeffers took us to another home last week where a woman lay in bed with bedsores which smelt as rotting flesh. We tried to encourage the family to get her to the hospital, but they chose not to. Please continue to pray for her and others here who need medical assistance. We were able to take three people to PAP this week for medical treatment.

We have had the opportunity to continue working with the Pakistani Un troops here. Most of them are Muslims and one is a Christian. We have had several opportunities for them to come to our home and share a meal and fellowship with them and they have invited us to meals and fellowships on the UN Base. Jesus said and the greatest of these is love. As we love people who are not like us, it give opportunities for us to manifest the life of Christ in our mortal bodies. Because they were our friends, they willingly escorted us as we went to pick up the benches. We praise God that he allows us to build relationships into the Kingdom of God.

Last week a team was here from Wisconsin who made a difference in many lives. There was two houses worked on where widows lived which the storm damaged. Don Shire who led the team, shared with many the hope which is in Jesus Christ by sharing the gift God has given him for playing the trumpet. We had opportunities in Church, Un camp and in the town square, both children's feeding programs and in the homes of shut-ins to share this talent and the hope which is in Jesus. The team consisted of a few carpenters also which helped work on Pastor Genada's church along with Austin. Austin will be leaving this week. I thank God for him and his willingness to come and serve in the Kingdom of God. Please pray for him as he returns home. Also pray for those who are continuing to come and change lives.

Prayer Request
* Tension in Jubilee
* Thank God for His continued provision for the children through the Body of Christ and pray for continued provision.
* Persons in need of medical help.
* Praise God for all His provision through the Body of Christ in many different ways.

With love in Christ,
Emory and Mary

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