Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vision and Transition

During the first weekend in September we gathered together to build deeper relationships with one another. We dreamed and formed vision regarding Jubilee and did some strategic planning during this time of transition. As I look each day and consider what God has done, and continues to do, through the Body I am overwhelmed. I am seeing God bring to reality what he showed us four years ago, and it is beyond what I ever dreamed or imagined as God is expanding the work and bringing laborers into the harvest.. Hebrews tells us that Faith is the substance of things unseen; I remember the vision which God originally gave us. I remember seeing them as if they had already been fulfilled, and I remember taking steps in Faith. Now I am seeing them as they are in reality, and yet God is calling us again into the unseen. The weekend also deepened our relationship with one another and caused us to be more committed to each other. We are striving to be intentional in relationships and in all we do. One of the themes we heard throughout the weekend as we focused on one another, was that the structure can never be deeper or broader than the depth of our relationships. What this says to me is that you do not see a task that needs doing and find someone to fill the role, but you identify where God has someone already working on the wall and you let others know what it is they are doing and how they can help fill the gap. In this, God is changing some of our roles and defining others. It has been somewhat confusing because God has called different people from different organizations to come together to help rehabilitate and develop this community called Jubilee. Our attempt in this communication is to let you know who God has drawn to the wall, what their primary roles are, and how we see them played out at this time. Basically, there are three different organizations which are serving using three different emphasis to further rehabilitation and development in the community. Each are responsible for carrying out these functions and for corresponding funding.

When Mary and I began this walk, it was never meant for us to continue here for many years, but God had shown us that He would send other laborers into the field to stand in our place here. God has now sent Beaver, Kathy, and Rebecca Brooks here to stand in our place. They have been coming and going for three years and moved here to live on the 11th of August. Mary is now in North Carolina with our daughter and son-in-law. I will be joining her there on the 24th of this month and then returning to south Georgia in mid-October. The functions listed above, which we are currently doing here in Haiti, we will be doing from our southeast Georgia home. Mary and I will continue to serve in the areas of feeding program, school operation, future school construction, operation of medical service to the community, future medical clinic construction, and elderly care programs. We will also be responsible for the funding of these programs and construction projects. Christian Light Ministries Inc.

(formally Christian Light Foundation) is the 501c3 which we are working under for funding for these projects. I also plan to check back in to the area quarterly in an effort to maintain relationships and continue to directly pour into this vision.

In addition to task listed above Mary and I will be sharing God's vision and work with groups and bodies of believers, asking them to participate through prayer, giving, visiting, and getting involved in the Kingdom of God. We will also be meeting with teams who are coming and help prepare them for a greater impact while they are here. We will also be working with others who are sharing in this vision, both in the states and in Haiti, to see how our synergies of working together will greater impact the Kingdom.

In addition to Christian Light Foundation, Tony and Sondra McNorton, and their team, are also helping with funding in the Brunswick, Georgia area through an organization called Jubilee Kids. Jubilee Kids facilitates persons interested in helping, by allowing them to sponsor a child or give towards the development of the school and community. Doreen Sigman is stateside in Brunswick responsible for, strategy planning for the school, and Laura Lynn Nichols will have field over-site of child nutrition (feeding center and Medika Manmba), school operations, and medical service operations. Working with her will be April Komasinski, Terri Ann Stokes and Julie Arthur. Brian Smith will continue working with the local labor force for new home construction (pictured below) in a part time, as needed, capacity. He will also work with the local community in identifying and prioritizing remodeling necessities. Brian will be working as a community liaison between the two cultures as we collide with one another. Omaha Rapid response is a 501c3 which will be used for the purpose of receiving funding for new construction and repairs.

Kathy and Beaver will be supporting short term teams through scheduling, room, board, transportation, intentional discipleship, and coordinating community task functions while short term teams are present. Kathy is also working on asset-based community development which includes commerce, creating jobs through marketable art, and other venues. They have also initiated an internship program which will support their efforts in community development. Martha Hanna will also be responsible for job-skills training in the area of nursing, which will be coordinating those who have skills to share with the local institutions. Beaver will be working with Martha in this endeavor. Beaver and Kathy have a 501c3, called Much Ministries, which will primarily support these tasks.

Any of the projects can be supported through all of the ministries.

These organizations and efforts are not working independently, but rather attempting to work as one body, retaining flexibility and lending strength to any part in need.

For more information go to:

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Omaha Rapid Response

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