Friday, November 5, 2010

Hurricane Tomas Update...

Mary and I are in Port-au-Prince today. We returned with a team from Blackshear which was supposed to fly out today. The flights have been canceled and they are now scheduled to fly out on Sunday. It has been raining here today with very little wind.

The water is beginning to rise in Gonaives. Pastor Genada, his family, and orphans have moved to the motel to prepare for another flood. Please pray for them as they minister to those in need around them.

Laura Lynn and Rachel are in Jubilee ministering to those in need there. Jubilee is probably one of the highest places in the city. We intended the school there to be a refuge in time of need. There are many houses there now which have water in them. We praise the Lord for His provision for those in need during this time. Laura Lynn and Rachel are in good spirits and doing what God puts before them. Please pray for them and the people in Jubilee.

Julie is at our house with Woobens, Amos, Gertrude, and Marvins. Water is not in the house yet, but they are making preparations and moving things upstairs. The house has two stories and is near the Mountain. When I talked with her a few minutes ago, she was in good spirits as they move things around and look for opportunities to minister. Please pray for them as they work this evening.

We met with Nathan with Cross International today and he gave us some food to take back and share with those in need. We are grateful for God's provisions. Mary has been burdened today to be back with the people she loves. We plan to travel back tomorrow if the roads are good. Please pray for us as we travel.

With much love in Christ,

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