Monday, November 16, 2009

Breaking Ground...

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Group at Pakistani UN compound. The one beside me is Shahid who is a Christian. Please pray for him as he shows Christ to those he works with each day.

On the 3rd and 4th of November Dr. Karen McCarthy and medical team came to Gonaives helped many people here. On Tuesday, they had a medical clinic at Pastor Genada's and on Wednesday morning in Jubilee. There were many sick who needed medicines. We praise God for his provisions through this group. On Wednesday morning while doing the clinic, a mother brought in a 7 month old baby who appeared to be badly malnourished. We were able to transport him (Edner) to PAP with the team on Thursday morning. Unfortunately he died later in the day. Please continue to pray for those in need here. Also the widow Mari which we have been working with and helping provide for fell and was not able to stand due to her hip. She passed away on the evening of the fourth. She was always giving glory to God and such a happy lady. Please pray for these families as they work through these difficult day.

Dr. Karen in Jubilee & Allison in Jubilee

Children & Edner

A group from New Hampshire led by Joel Hannon was here last week. The group consisted of construction and medical personnel along with others to show God's love in so many ways. Joel's wife Nancy worked with the deaf in Pastor Genada's bakery and school. They brought along with them the financial resources needed to install a roof on Pastor Genada's church. Praise the Lord!! They were also able to rebuild two houses in Jubilee which consisted of sticks with tarps over them. Needless to say, these were very happy families when the work was done. Dr. Chris was also a part of the team bringing much needed help in the medical field. We stopped at Bercy coming in and there was a girl there who had just cut her leg with a machete, so he was able to stitch it up for her. We praise the Lord for those who are coming and making a difference by using their talents for God's glory. Please continue to pray for those who are coming.

Installing a roof on Pastor Genada's Church
House before and after
House before and after
Dr. Chris preparing to sew a cut.

It has been a blessing over the last couple of weeks as we broke grou
nd and started the foundation for the school and clinic. It has been a blessing for some of the guys there to have jobs to provide for their families. Please continue to pray for the funding for this project and for God's wisdom and discernment. There are so many people with out work in this community and needing work.
Breaking Ground for Foundation
Children in uniforms
We have been searching for another house to rent for quite some time. This past week, we were able to sign a contract on another rental house for a year. It is near the one we are in. we are excited about the opportunities it will bring in setting up a medical clinic and helping with facilitating teams. We are in the process of doing some painting and other things this week where we will be able to move in. Please pray for us as we make this transition.

Jerry's surgery is scheduled for Thursday. Please continue to pray for him.

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Prayer Request
School building and provision of funds.
Families who lost loved ones.
Transition to new location

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