Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Welcomed Return

It has been a great time for Mary and I to return to our families and friends the past few weeks. As we walked through the storms and continued to do the ministry before us, we did not realize how much trauma we had went through until it was time to go home and visit. It caused us to realize that it was only because of God's grace which allowed us to return and visit and see our friends and family again. Our time at home was enjoyed by spending time with our daughter Lori and our son Justin, by the Wilson family gatherings where we spent time with each of my brothers and sisters, a time of reflecting with Mary's family at Christmas time with music, the traditional family cane grinding, spending time with 10 different bodies of believers, and many of you individually. It was definitely a time of healing for Mary and I as we shared about God's protection, provision, and goodness. Thank you for being there for us. Below is a picture of Mary and her family and me and my family.
On Wednesday we returned to Gonaives with 84 degrees. We have been refreshed and are glad to get back to the family here. Doodly, Peterson, Woobens, Marvin, Madam Rose, Pastor Genada and D.G.,all welcomed us with open arms. The children are all doing fine. Pastor Genada continued the feeding program while we were away. We are looking forward to the great and mighty things which God is going to do this year. We now have funds for a well and will work towards getting it dug on the property.We are continuing to make disciples for Jesus Christ as we work here building relationships into the kingdom of God. Please continue to pray for us as we learn the native language of creole here. Many of you have committed to come this year and we are looking unto God to do great and mighty things in your life and those here by your presence here. In February a team will be coming to begin documenting medical history's on the children in Jubilee. We are excited about this. Pastor Genada continues to rebuild his home, bakery and deaf ministry. Please continue to pray for him.
While we were home, someone donated a 2002 Dodge Ram van. It would be a great asset to the ministry here in Gonaives. It will cost about $4,000 for shipping and customs fees. As many of you know Mary's father has been in Bayview nursing home for several years. He needs dialysis but his body is weak and would not likely be able to undergo the stress of the procedure. Please pray for him and the family during this time.

Prayer Request:
*Mary's father and family
*Teams who will be coming to help, and those who God is speaking to about coming.
*God's continued provision for the children in Jubilee
*Genada family and their needs in reconstruction.
*Pastor Jerome and his needs in reconstruction.

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  1. May God be with you as you continue this work for God. I love you and love what you are contributing. Thank You so much! stay safe. You are in my heart and prayers. Love JR